CryptoSlam NFT API

The industry leader of NFT data aggregation has an API product built for blockchain developers, NFT projects, scaling startups, and enterprises. We index 19 blockchains (and counting) and collect every NFT datapoint available on-chain so you can access accurate and real-time NFT analytics- prices, sales volumes, rarity and more!

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Seamlessly integrate NFT data into your applications with our professional API endpoints

Blockchains and Global Metrics

Analyze NFT market trends including global sales volumes and fan token prices. Compare blockchain rankings and metrics including sales volumes and transaction counts.

Collections and Tokens

Track specific collections and token stats including transaction, buyer, seller and owner address information. Chart and model time-series data points including average sale price, floor price, owner count and total supply.

Sales and Transfers

Access information about any NFT Sale, transfer and other transaction types. Search for tokens and sales based on specific rarity attributes.